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This post was for April Fool. No such incidents happened. No need to worry.

Yes, you read it right. Windows 10 is going to be open source. As the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella said in a press conference:


We already started making .NET open source. This time we are making Microsoft Windows open source. We believe in the open source community.

 He also added that windows 10 will be free. (remember, they'll let you upgrade to windows 10 even if you are using pirated windows). You may also heard that Windows 10 is also coming to Raspberry Pi 2.


Meanwhile, Gabe Newell, the CEO of valve said that SteamOS will change it's base from Debian Linux to Microsoft Windows 10. In his words:

We started working on Linux base for SteamOS because we couldn't help using windows as our base. Because it was not open source. Now as Microsoft officially announced Windows 10 is going to be open source, we will make SteamOS on Windows 10. Even though Linux gives better performance, it lacks the large number of games that windows have.

This is it! I am afraid I'll have to say Linux got no more hope now. I have hated Microsoft for so many years, but this time I'll shift to Windows 10 because it'll be open source and I'll have a lot more software to work with. I'll also migrate all my servers to windows 10.

I'm sorry guys, hope you'll understand the situation. And you'll also shift to windows 10. Thank you.


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