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Google Home and Amazon Echo conversation loop

I just found a really interesting video, a conversation between Google Home and Amazon echo creating an infinite loop.

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For People Who Write Crap About Women

I see a lot of people are writting crap about women. Things like they are dumb, they never use their brain etc. Well, here is one example for them to be ashamed of. 

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My Ola Experience

Yesterday I booked Ola Cabs and the experience was one of the worst ones! Talking about cabs, I don't really book cabs, mostly I prefer train or metro or bus, but as I got a free ride via my friend's referral code I booked Ola. Well, this was my first ride in Ola and was probably the last one. Anyway, let's proceed to the story. I'll also compare the experience with Uber.

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Setting Up Video Set

 I am working on the video set for making tutorials.

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Keep Calm & trust in Linux & Valve

Keep calm and trust in Linux and Valve. Yes, you read it right. For those who still say Linux is not for gaming, well, there is a native steam client for Linux. And now, one out of 4 games are now supported in Linux platform. 

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